Tuesday, November 18, 2008

It took awhile for this post to come out.

It’s amazing how productive you get to be when you like your job. It’s also terrible how my blog is suffering because of it. Back when I had a uber sucky job, I didn’t give a crap, and blogged from work about stuff that would set me off (like how sucky the old job is). My current job is great for my personal life but it’s killing my blog.

I never got the chance to comment how much of a turd the Job the Plumber guy was. It got to the point that even Fox News said “Joe, you’re a Turd, no go away”, but I never got the chance. This guy actually reminded me of a “friend” from college. He liked to act like he was educated and better than us, but in reality he was just a control freak, and a hypocrite. Actually this guy is a cross between Joe the plumber, and John Wayne Bobbitt. To this day, I keep expecting to see his face on the front page of the news paper with the headline “Man get penis chopped off”. Now I would never wish this on any guy, but I wonder if he’s calm down if he was neutered. Oh and Joe is still a douche.

Now I’m writing this part 4 days later. I get called away, and next thing you know, It’s days later. I’m still toying with the idea of getting a Macbook Pro, and I can hear Vics screaming (she’s not a Mac person), but it’s just something different. I’m hoping to get one.

You know what the problem is, when you continue a blog post that you started 4 days ago? You’re not motivated to continue. Oh well at least I’m blogging more than some people I know (not point fingers).

My 2 Bytes


letti said...

HEy, it's a GOOD thing you are loving your job :)

Olly said...

I'm with Letti. Isn't life terrible when things are going so good that there is nothing to creativly bitch about? Oh - and yes, get the Mac Book.

Jay said...

Well then.