Wednesday, December 13, 2006

I work with Stupid people

So we have a fire alarm and instead of people heading out for the door, they go and get their coats. FUCKING STUPID.

After a bit, I learn that the alarm wasn’t a drill, but the real thing. There’s a gas leak in the facility. Even after this information, some stupid piece of shit decided to go back in, so he could get his coat. FUCKING IDIOT.

Basically, I feel we need to bring some natural selection back in play, because we employ STUPID FUCKS!!! We should have a basic mental aware test or something for these people and if they, they have to look into the 2 little holes and BAM!!!!!

So about that, but I’m still amazed by the level of stupidity around here. I also with the building would have gone up with Mr. FUCKHEAD decided to go back in the building for his coat.

My 2 pissed off bytes,

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