Thursday, April 21, 2011

Why I can’t maintain my blog? I blame The Onion

Bottom line, is I don’t know. I seem to want to be spend most of my free time wasting it as of late. Not sure if it’s a lack of motivation, or just sheer laziness. I’ll think it’s a combination of both to be honest.

Then again, life has become incredibly boring as of late. It’s the same old crap, day in and day out. It’s sad when the exciting thing of your week is steak for lunch on Wednesday.  Life is just boring as hell and I need to challenge myself again, however I do not see that happening until at least late 2012, or early 2013.

I could blog about the videogames that I’m playing but I’ll spare you the horror of that. I knew this guy who would only talk about the TV show Night Court. It drove me crazy, and then one day I tried to steer the conversation somewhere else. He then told me he didn’t care and went right back to talking about Night Court. I then called him a jackass and walked away. He never did figure out what he did wrong. So I won’t bore you about my videogame crap.

The scary thing is that I really have NOTHING going on. I’m planning on doing my taxes this weekend, and that’s about it. I just work 2 jobs, and put money away for my 2 trips. I’ve been called out by the lovely Vics for my lack of blogging, but again, what else is there? I know what I need to do, go back to the old formula of finding strange news on the internet and blog about it, but at this point, I think The Onion has me beat in that area, DAMN YOU ONION FOR STEALING MY ENERGY.

I love The Onion and wish I could write for The Onion, but alas, I always feel less than myself after reading about the insane stuff they write about. I’m not as twisted as I thought I was. DAMN YOU ONION.

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Vics said...

heh nowt wrong with gamer talk - I recall when CoH and CoV were all you and baboon boy discussed..

..but I definitely get where you're coming from on the boring grind - explains why there are so many photoblogs and tumblr accounts out there - folks desperately searching for something of interest after society and the constant barrage of information has jaded them beyond belief (and by them I mean us.. and by 'us' I mean 'me')

Still, you could always creat a noob guide to manga and anime for me if you 'really' need a task ;0) I knwo sod all about the genre; don't even know what half the little emoticons anime fans use mean <^_^> etc..

..and do mix in some gamer chat - I need the heads up on games as gifts for friends; what type of person plays this etc etc

But enough blather - I've got shitty use case models to make (I HATE modelling) so will chat later - like sometime in June when I'm FREE at last..